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Stonewall Home Wax Melts - (Select from 4 Scents)

Stonewall Home Wax Melts - (Select from 4 Scents)

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Product features:

  • 2.2oz 
  • Crafted with a luxurious soy blend for a beautifully creamy appearance and excellent fragrance throw.
  • Hand-trimmed, lead-free wicks provide a clean, long-lasting burn.
  • Proudly manufactured and poured in Maine.

Fresh Cucumber
Stay cool as a cucumber every time you enjoy this refreshing fragrance. Crisp notes of cucumber water, agave leaf and sea salt create a clean, inviting scent. We love how it’s equally invigorating and relaxing—perfect for lighting any time of day.

Fresh Linen
Mixing soft notes of cotton with the delicate, sweet bouquet of garden-fresh flowers.

Lavender Fields
With just the strike of a match, find yourself amidst lush fields of lavender dancing in the summer’s breeze. This fragrance melds the sweet, aromatic scent of these delicate purple flowers with just a touch of fresh citrus, jasmine and musk. Perfect for soothing restless minds, each candle promises to relax and revive. 

Ocean Dunes
Like your favorite cashmere sweater, its warm and inviting, weaving together scents of sheer leather and pure mineral water with citrusy notes from Amalfi lemons and bergamot oranges.

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