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Michel Design Works

Michel Room Sprays ( Select from 10+ Scents)

Michel Room Sprays ( Select from 10+ Scents)

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  • Change the ambiance of a room in an instant with our luxurious room spray.
  • Comes in a silver metal container. 
  • 3.4 fl. oz. /100 ml.
  • Approximate Size: 1 x 5.4" / 2.6 x 13.7 cm.

  • Beach - Compelling marine notes with hints of bergamot, amber and watermelon

  • Birds & Butterflies - Acacia flowers sweetened with plum and vanilla with just a squeeze of citrus

  • Deborah's Garden - Heady floral notes of jasmine and cyclamen with base note of cedarwood and cashmere

  • Earl Grey Tea - The scent of tea infused with lemon, bergamot, rose and magnolia

  • Gardenia - Gardenia and plum blossom with swirls of bergamot, and toffee

  • Lavender Rosemary - Lavender has been a favorite fragrance for thousands of years, and combined with the woodsy scent of rosemary

  • Lilac and Violets - A lovely springtime smell of wild lilacs and fresh violets in a field

  • Honey Almond - Sweet almonds muddled with cherry, vanilla, and honey.

  • Moss and Oak - Boasting notes of oak wood, moss, vetiver, lavender and hints of spice

  • Blush Peony - Aromatic peony with a hint of mandarin, notes of gardenia, and touches of cedar and sandalwoood

  • Cedar RoseSoft notes of cedarwood mingled with peony, jasmine, and a drop of citrus

  • Cotton and Linen - Fresh air and clean cotton with notes of birch leaf and violet

  • Magnolia Petals - Magnolia and green leaves with notes of honeysuckle and citrus





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