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Eternity Crystal Wishing Threads - (Select from 10 Styles)

Eternity Crystal Wishing Threads - (Select from 10 Styles)

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The Legend of the Eternity Crystal is one of good fortune. The glimmering crystals are cut with many facets to reflect and amplify the energy around them. You may want to make a wish upon them, hoping they will bring your health, happiness and prosperity. These Eternity Crystals are beloved because they are a beautiful addition to any sunlit or moonlit room. 

*Product is for Indoor Use Only!*

*Product charm is constructed of a metal alloy with a pewter-looking finish.

*The large crystal on the bottom is a K9 Crystal - The 9 refers to the percentage of lead. K9 is a pure, inclusion free, vibrant crystal glass.

*The small beads are constructed of glass.

*Product measures: 12" in height; 9" x 2" x 4" Box dimension

Angel - The Angel brings power, strength, and light to one’s life. Providing spiritual guidance, the Angel is a messenger and a steadfast reminder to see the beauty in life. 

Cardinal - The Cardinal brings support and guidance to one’s life. Representing the eternal nature of one’s soul, the sighting of the Cardinal is believed to be a visit from and connection to a loved one that has passed away.

Dragonfly The Dragonfly brings energy and adaptability to one’s life. Ever changing, the Dragonfly is a reminder that life continually evolves and thrives. The colorful magic of the Dragonfly bestows cheerfulness and bliss.

Grandma Brings compassion and nurturing to one’s life. Representing security and wisdom, our Grandma reminds us of the importance of being grateful, caring, and positive in life.

Hearts The Interlocking Hearts Eternity Crystal Wishing thread has a charm that measures approximately 3" x 3", a round-shaped crystal prism that measures 2" x 2" and is accented by smaller clear, red and pink colored crystals hanging a total of 14" from a metal ring. Interlocking Hearts bring happiness and joy to one’s life. Exuding devotion and connection, Interlocking Hearts are joined as one to represent shared love, unified for a lifetime.

Mom A Mom brings unconditional love and light to one’s life. Providing wisdom, encouragement and guidance, a Mom leads her children down the path of life and growth. 

Sunflower Brings cheer and renewal to one’s life. Like its namesake, the sun, the Sunflower is a reminder of the renewing cycles of nature and life, filling your home with warmth and hope.

Tree of Life The Tree of Life brings healing and nurturing to one’s life. Connecting all forms of life to mother earth, the Tree of Life represents the deep union between physical beings and the cycle of life.

Cat - The Cat brings comfort and healing to one’s life. Exhibiting patience and good timing, the Cat instills courage and the ability to preserve energy in moments of tension and action.

Family -  Brings foundational guidance/caring to ones life. Symbolizing unity despite differ. & celebration of individuals. A reminder that we can find in our blood relatives, but those w/whom we form strong bonds of kinship.


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