Collection: Manly Indulgence Candles

The Classic Candle Collection is experiential. The collection is evocative of classic mens traditions such as timeless black tuxedos and fresh barber shop shaves. It combines bold masculine fragrance with florals, herbs, and fruits to make a dynamic fragrance experience. Raw, fresh fragrance combines with playful names to represent your own candid and unique style. Classically styled matte black jars with black lids compliment these kind of naughty manly candles. 

The Adventure Candle Collection combines dynamic fragrance inspired by nature to transport you the great outdoors. It is inspired by the great outdoors and the raw strength of the adventures that await us. This collection indulges is earthy fragrances inspired by national parks and vintage camping motifs. These masculine candles are poured into a decidedly cool can shaped jar, sprayed in bold colors and topped with an inset wood lid, the Adventure collection takes you on an exciting expedition.